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Weekly Update: Social Justice and Sports

Brenna Roberts

Sports Editor ‘21

Sports are something that bring people together. Athletes are role models to not only young children but also to adults. Many athletes, teams, and coaches are taking a stand against racial injustice. This new weekly recap will highlight some of the things that athletic teams and athletes are doing during to fight racial inequality. 

  • Alabama football players and coaches marched on Monday the athletics facility to the Foster Auditorium where Alabama governor George Wallace made his infamous stand against federal desegregation efforts in 1963
  • Every NBA player changes the names on the back of their jerseys to a word that fights for change
  • Some NBA players and coaches kneeling during the national anthem while wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ shirts
  • WNBA players kneel during the national anthem while wearing shirts with seven bullet holes in them to symbolize Jacob Blake being shot seven times by police. 
  • NBA, WNBA, MLS and MLB all boycotted their games in protest of the shooting of Jacob Blake
  • NHL players have been wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ t shirts to games as well as only a few taking knees during the national anthem. 
  • Fans booed during the moment of silence before the Chiefs-Texans NFL opener on September 10.