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Warrior’s Spotlight: Lindsay Werner

Daniel Proulx ‘19

Associate Editor

MCTV Production Credit: Colleen Mearon

Lindsay Werner is a Senior on the Merrimack Women’s Basketball team. She is from Groton, Massachusetts and has previously played on the Groton-Dunstable regional High School. She is averaging 16.7 pts, 2.3 reb, shooting 42.9 % from the field and 39.0 % from three. Lindsay is a Sports Medicine major. She is possible looking into playing in a European League.

How did you first get involved with basketball?

I first got involved with basketball through my dad and my older brother. My dad is super into basketball and my older brother is just a year older but her started playing before me and he kind of just got me into it.

How did you first get involved with basketball?

Growing up you do AAU and circuit teams. I guess it became a reality more in high school and I  wanted to pursue it. It was a passion of mine I definitely had a lot of coaches push me towards it and said you can do it.

How does this team compare to others you have been on?

This team is definitely unique, this is a unique year because it is me and some of my teammates senior year. So you have that emotion too, also with the huge D1 transition its our last year in the NE10. It’s a good group of girls who work really hard and all have a main goal of pushing it to the end.

What has been your most frustrating moment caused by basketball?

There’s been a couple of frustrating moments, if you lose a big game or ups and downs in the season, I can’t think of one specifically. It’s a marathon during a year and their are definitely frustrating moments, like we said before this team does a good job of pushing through.  

Who is someone that helped you the most to get where you are today?

My family is super close, my family is a huge influence on and off the court. I think my dad is a huge influence. I’ve had great coaches as i’ve grown up. So they definitely have had a huge influence but I would say my dad is the biggest. He rebounded me outside and in the gym, took me too games.   

What are your future goals in basketball?

I wanna stay in athletics whether it’s coaching or other positions in athletics. There’s a lot of overseas leagues that a lot of girls go and play in. I think i’m going to look into that, but I want to stay in it with coaching and doing stuff with kids, just keeping involved.

Did you receive any information on these Euro Leagues?

As seniors we get a lot of information on euro basketball leagues and then our coaches have a bunch of connections. Some of my past coaches and trainers have a lot of connections too. If you want to get into it, you have to get right into it after season. We have ten days left and i’m trying to just focus on those.