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Warrior's Den Now Serving More Variety

imageAndrew Fournier ‘14, Staff Writer 

This year has seen an evolution of The Warrior Den and what it has to offer to students on campus. It includes new additions such as the Tapingo mobile application, and more meal options, which range from Mexican to Japanese food.

More on campus residents are utilizing the new smartphone application, Tapingo, to order food ahead of time and pick it up without having to wait in line for it. Simply downloading this to your smartphone allows you to create and customize the meal you want to be prepared. Then, just by inputting your MackCard or credit card, you can submit your order for pickup.

This application’s easy-to-use interface is making it more popular on campus. Senior Thomas Casanova is very pleased with the implementation of Tapingo. “It is extremely convenient to be able to get a sufficient meal quickly during our hectic schedules, seeing as there is little to no time to sit down and enjoy a meal between classes and work,” he said.

Also, food choices in The Den have now expanded since last year. Quesaritos is an alternative to what the The Den typically offers for food, with Mexican cuisine such as burritos, quesadillas, and taco salads that are made -to order.

Sparky’s To Go is another option for lunch or dinner if you’re in a rush between class and practice. Just by swiping your MackCard, you can pick up a complete meal if you aren’t able to make it to the cafeteria. Choices include sandwiches and salads typically with chips, fruit, or cookies for a side.

Within The Den itself, premade meals are available to buy as well. Anything from microwaveable dinners to F’Real made-to-order milkshakes can be purchased at the leisure of the students. Also, there is a station that serves different types of sushi, made fresh daily.

In all, these along with the new features that are offered are becoming popular with students who seek a change to their dining experience at Merrimack.

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