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Warrior Spotlight: Troy McLaughlin

By Patrick McAvoy ‘19

Sports Editor


Troy McLaughlin is a junior guard from Old Tappan, New Jersey. McLaughlin enjoyed a career year last year as he finished with highs in points (9.2), assists (2.8), minutes (29.5), rebounds (2.0), and steals (0.8) per game. He went to high school at Choate Rosemary Hall and is studying business at Merrimack.


How did you get involved with basketball?

I’ve been involved with basketball ever since I could remember. Basketball is like family religion in my family. My dad played in college and so did my brother. Most of my cousins played in college as well. I started going to basketball camps and playing on teams as soon as I could walk. Basketball is in my blood and I’ve had a ball in my hand ever since I could hit.


When did you begin to think you could play college basketball?

I always had a dream of playing college basketball so it was always in my head that I was going to. I guess it became a reality and I got serious when I made the varsity team my freshman year. Later on that year I started receiving interest from colleges and my recruiting took off.


How does this team compare to others you’ve been on?

This team is definitely one of the most talented teams I have ever been on. We have multiple kids on the team that could go off for a big game any night. It is one of our biggest strengths that if someone is having an off game we have multiple teammates that can step up.


What has been your most frustrating moment caused by basketball?

I would say the most frustrating part was not getting any play time my freshman year. I had always been on teams where I was one of the most talented players on the team. Having to fight for play time and sit the bench was something I was not used to. When my opportunity came a couple games into the season I made the best out of it and earned minutes for the rest of the year.


Who is someone that helped you the most to get where you are today?

I would definitely say my Dad and my older brother are the reasons I am where I am today. My dad was always my coach growing up. He taught me everything I know. He took me to all my games, paid for the countless teams I played on, and helped me throughout the entire recruitment process. My brother helped me a lot as well he played division I basketball and paved the way for me. He showed me what I had to do both on and off the court to receive a basketball scholarship.


What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

When it comes to basketball I think the best advice anyone has given me was believe in yourself. Whenever I played up with my brothers teams or moved on to the next level whether it was high school or college it was always intimidating. You think to yourself am I good enough to play at this level? My dad told me to trust my instincts and believe in my ability because doing that is what got me there.


What are your future goals in basketball?

My future goals are to continue to get better each day. I do not have many individual goals I hope to reach, but from a team standpoint it is definitely my main goal to bring a conference tournament championship to this school. Also, to advance out of the northeast region in the NCAA tournament. As for after college, I am unsure what basketball would bring. Coaching is definitely something I would be open to maybe not as a career, but definitely as a volunteer whether it is at college or high school level.