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Warrior Spotlight: Sam Cooper

Daniel Proulx ‘19

Associate Editor


Sam Cooper is a redshirt sophomore on the Merrimack College Football team. Sam is from Bensalem, Pennsylvania, where he was a captain of their football team and started on both the offensive and defensive lines. Cooper recently transferred from Conwell-Egan Catholic in Maine where he made the Dean’s list and the All-Academic Team. He is a Marketing Major in the Girard School of Business.

How did you first get involved with football?

Honestly, football and I have a weird love story. Football gave me an engagement ring in my early years of high school, and I said yes instantly. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. I was a huge baseball guy. During my freshman year, I entered the wrong locker room at Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia. This locker room was filled with mammoth guys. I asked them where the baseball locker room was and they all laughed and said, “You’re 5’11’’and 220. Wrong sport bro.” I left the locker room and the football coach chased me told me we had practice at 4:00 p.m.

How does this team compare to others you have been on?

I Love Merrimack. I never call one of my teammates at Merrimack by their first name. It’s always a nickname that I made up out of love, or “My Brother.”  Merrimack is a family-oriented team, to me. We have a strong bond that I haven’t felt since my highschool years. When I transferred to Merrimack I felt like I was home.

What has been your most frustrating moment caused by football?

Injuries. Football has given me many different decorations to show people. Broken fingers going north, south, east and west and a partially torn patellar and an ankle injury that caused me to miss the first half of a season. Going through rehab and not having something heal the way you plan really messes with your brain. I always tell myself, with God there is always a way. God gives me these bumps so I can learn more about myself and bounce back better than ever.

Who is someone that helped you the most to get where you are today?

A Lot of people have helped me. My high school strength coach, other Coaches, my priest in high school, my brother-in-law who used to make my nephews and I run sprints every night before bed. He taught me how to eat clean. We had to eat oatmeal and eggs with no sugar every morning growing up. But my one and favorite source of motivation is my mother. She instilled the fear of God in me when I was young and taught me that If I work hard, have a strong faith, God will take me places I never thought was possible. Everything I do I do it for my mother.

What are your future goals in football?

Win. Our coach brought me here to help the team win. Whatever he needs, or any of my teammates need, I’m willing to do. One, help the team win. Two, help the young players on the team with anything they need help with. Three, dominate my final seasons. Four, get paid. God bless.