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Warrior Spotlight: Marie Delarbre

By: Eric Coburn ’18 and Kelley McLellan ’17

Sports Editor and Associate Sports Editor


Marie Delarbre is a captain of the Merrimack College Women’s Hockey team. The Fussen, Germany native was one of the four team members at Merrimack last school year before the squad kicked off their inaugural season during the 2015-2016 season. Delarbre, who has been playing hockey since she was six years old, is also a member of the German Women’s National team as well as having competed in three World Championships on the U-18 team, earning team MVP honors twice. The Beacon sat down with Delarbre to discuss the journey hockey has brought her on as well as get to know her off the ice.


What was your hockey experience like before you came to Merrimack College?

I played for the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2012 before transferring to Merrimack. I also played on the U-18 Germany National team.

What does it mean to be the captain of the first team women’s hockey team at Merrimack College?

I was actually crying the first time I found out I was so honored.  

How would you describe your role on the team?

I like being a leader and being supportive of my teammates. My on ice style is to play physical and to move the puck.

What are you studying at Merrimack?

I am majoring in Sports Management. I also plan on getting my master’s degree here as well.

What is it like being able to speak another language?

I am actually trilingual. I am half German and half French. I talk in all three languages, mostly English at school but some of my teammates speak French so I will talk with them in French sometimes.

What was the biggest challenge about coming over and living in the U.S.?

I think twice before I say things to make sure it is right and it translates right because sometimes it is different in the different languages.

What do you like the best about the U.S.?

I love the food and how popular sports are here. My favorite team here is the Chicago Blackhawks because the U18 championships were in Chicago.

What is the favorite place hockey brought you?

I have been to 25-30 countries through hockey. Some of my favorites were Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada. I would have to say Sweden is my favorite though because the fish was really good and their country loves hockey.

With you having to travel all the time for hockey, how do you pass the time on road trips?

I like to look up quotes. My favorite is “it’s all part of the experience.”

If you were trapped on an island and you could only have three things with you what would they be?

An apple because my mom used to give me one every day for school. Then the other two would be ginger ale and lasagna.

If you could bring one thing from Germany to here with you what would it be?

My family. I saw them at Christmas and then I’ll seem them on spring break. They also came in November which meant a lot to have them see me play and what it was like at the place (Merrimack) that I live.

What is one moment in your hockey career you will always remember?

I scored a goal from my knees against UConn this year. It was just a cool goal. Another one of my favorite moments was being the youngest player on Germany’s Senior National Team for the 2011 Division I World Championship in Germany when we won the gold medal.

What do want to accomplish at Merrimack before you graduate?

To win a national championship and I hope to stay in touch with the people I met here after I graduate.
Photo Courtesy of Merrimack Athletics