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Warrior Spotlight: Christian Thomas

How did you first get involved with lacrosse? 

I was in first grade and one of my best friend’s Dad’s mentioned it to my Dad about getting me and my brother to go over and check out a practice. 

When did you start to think you could play lacrosse in college?

I was in ninth grade and my love for lacrosse started pulling away from the other sports I was playing. My family was a big hockey family so me and my brother were always focused on that, but the more I played lacrosse the more into the game I got. 

How does this team compare to other teams you have been on in the past?

This team is very similar to teams I have had in the past. We are a close group who enjoy the sport of lacrosse and are willing to work hard for each other. We have great leaders and a coaching staff that is devoted to making us the best players and people we can be.  

What’s the most frustrating thing that has happened in your lacrosse career?

When I was in high school I had a tough time with the recruiting process. A lot of my friends were getting a lot of looks and I was not getting many at all. When I came across Merrimack I was very excited and wanted to come here right away and I am privileged to be given the opportunity by this program to play here. 

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Growing up being the small kid in sports was not always easy. My Dad always used to tell me to keep working because one day it will all even out and if I work like I did when I was smaller I will always play with that edge as I get older.

Is there anything you think about while you’re practicing or in a game?   

Sometimes when I’m in a game I will sing a song in my head. Most of the time it is random or maybe something I listened to before the game but it helps me stay loose when I get a little fired up.

What are your plans for lacrosse after college?

I do not have any plans for lacrosse after college. Maybe play in a men’s league with a few friends, but I hope to one day be able to coach and keep my passion for the game going.