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Warrior Spotlight: Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride is a Junior catcher and third baseman from Danvers, Massachusetts. McBride enjoyed a career year last year as she finished with career highs in batting average (.345), slugging (.518), hits (48), extra-base hits (17), doubles (13) and RBI’s (37) en route to being named NE-10 All-Conference Second Team. She went to high school at Danvers High School, and is studying criminal justice at Merrimack.


How did you first get involved with softball?

When I was 9 years old. I actually played baseball for 3 years before beginning to play softball.


When did you begin to think you could play college softball?

Sophomore year of high school I decided to take the softball route over ice hockey. My passion for softball outgrew the passion for hockey and that’s when I knew I wanted to continue with it.


How does this team compare to others you’ve been on?

The Merrimack College Softball team is the most close-knitted team I’ve ever been on; the best way to describe it is my second family, my second home. I know that each teammate of mine always has my back, on and off the field. It’s really amazing.


What has been your most frustrating moment caused by softball?

Probably balancing softball, school work, and a social life all at once. Time management and setting your priorities can definitely be a difficult thing to do when you play a college sport.


Who is someone that helped you the most to get where you are today?

Definitely my Dad, he’s been a huge influence on me for all the sports I’ve played since I started. Whether it’s leadership related, giving advice, someone to vent to, or even someone who will throw me soft toss, he’s always been my go-to. It’s very rare that he misses a game, home or away.


What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

To always recover. If you have an off day, you can always get up and try again, or move onto the next play. If you sit on the mistakes you’ve made, you’ll never get passed it and it does you no good. Know your team has your back and you’ll get it the next time (on the field and off).


What are your future goals in softball?

To make NCAA’s again and make it farther than we did last year, which was the regional final. I believe this team has so much talent and we click so well together. Teams willwithout a doubt struggle when they play us.