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Warrior Spotlight

Eric Coburn ’18 and Kelley McLellan ’17

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Senior My’Asia Alston is a member of the Merrimack College women’s basketball team. The Cohoes, New York, native is studying psychology. Alston spent two years playing basketball at Hudson Valley Community College before coming to Merrimack. Her first year here made an impact on the team, playing in all 27 games and starting in 15 of them. Alston was second on the team for assists during her junior year. She is averaging 31.9 minutes per game her senior year and has started in 25 of 26 games this season. The Beacon sat down with Alston to get to know her a little more off of the court.


How did you get involved in basketball?

My dad. He played basketball when I was growing up so I was always watching him. I started playing at age nine. My dad coached me when I started playing.  


How has the women’s game of basketball grown since when you started playing?

I have definitely seen it grow every year I’ve played, whether it was CYO or community college ball and now division 2 basketball here at Merrimack. The pace is faster, girls are stronger, and the coaches are definitely more strict.


How was going to a community college for two years a good decision for you?

Well when I came out of high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So I figured going there would be good to decide a major that I wanted. I had changed my major when I came to Merrimack from education to psychology. It was a last minute decision for me coming here.


What is the most important lesson basketball has taught you?

Growing up. Basketball hasn’t been the only thing that taught me this, but the people that I’m surrounded by have taught me to grow up. I’m a completely different person than I was the year before.


Describe yourself to a complete stranger in one word.



How has your family had an impact on you so far in your life?

They are always there for me and they are my backbone in everything I do. My mom is my biggest supporter.


What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Just to be confident in everything I do.


If you could spend a day with one celebrity who it be and why?

I would say Lebron James because he is my favorite basketball player and I would love just to see what his life is like.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

After college I want to either take the State Trooper test, or go overseas for basketball.


If you had to survive off of one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chicken parmesan.