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Warrior Spotlight

By Eric Coburn ’18

Sports Editor


Senior Megan Gada is a member and one of the captains of the Merrimack College Women’s soccer team. Last season, Gada helped propel the squad to the NE-10 semi-finals and this year will look to do the same. Gada has been an anchor on the backline for the Warriors and has even added an assist on the season. The Beacon sat down with Gada to get to know her off the field.


How’d you get started with soccer?

I started when I was really little at the level called munchkins for town soccer. I actually used to cry all the time and my mom thought I wasn’t going to play very long but here I am.


How does studying strength and conditioning help prep you for soccer?

I didn’t want to do strength and conditioning at first when I was in high school. But, I thought it was cool that my potential job could help me prepare for soccer. Coach Kamal, Leech, and Vaughn have all helped me tremendously with applying not even so much as the science but they help me channel the work ethic and passion that I couldn’t do on my own.


Studying strength and conditioning requires a lot of time, how do you stay focused?

I love doing it. As they say it isn’t a job if you love doing it. I really like being around the athletes too. It might be tiring but it is definitely worth it.


What is a piece of advice that you know now that you would give yourself freshman year?

Take all the opportunities that you can. People have given me so many opportunities and it is important to make sure you make the most of them.


How does it feel knowing that your senior night has finally arrived?

I have been playing soccer for 17 years and I’m just embracing every moment because everything goes by so fast. Talking to the other seniors they can’t believe it went by so quick either. Looking back one thing I will remember about my time here is the camaraderie of the team.


If you had to give credit to someone who has helped you get here so far who would it be?

Coach Kamal has helped me so much just talking about leadership advice and career advice. And he has helped me in that aspect of having confidence in myself on and off the field.


If you could meet and hang out with one celebrity who would it be?

NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth. My family is really into racing and I would like to know his training and how he prepares to race 500 laps. My brother actually technically has a NASCAR license. I used to race little cars too before I had to give it up for soccer.


If you had to describe yourself in one word to a complete stranger what would it be?



What do you want to accomplish before you graduate?

I actually graduate in December and then I’m hoping to get into grad school. I want get an internship during grad school and use them to help prepare me for after college.