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Virtual Date Night Ideas

Geena Levine ‘21

Photo Editor

When you’re stuck at home and you can’t see your significant other, or even a recent Bumble or Tinder match, you may think the idea of going on a date seems impossible. But, with technology at the touch of our fingertips, it’s not. 

Here are some fun date ideas for you and your special someone to do while following social distancing rules. 

Virtual Gym Dates

Many trainers are offering online classes for people to exercise in their own homes. If you and your significant other still want to be able to go on gym dates, you can take a virtual exercise class online together. Popsugar offers a variety of online live workouts through their Instagram page. They post their weekly workout schedule each Sunday, and they change every week. The good news is that everyday there is a new workout and a new trainer. 

Watch a Virtual Concert

Are you missing that “post concert rush?” Well, you are in luck! Many artists are live streaming concerts for fans to watch. To see if your favorite artist is doing one, check their social media pages. This is also an excuse for you and your significant other to jam out together on either Facetime or Zoom! You won’t have to worry about your view being blocked by a tall person!  

Play “Dinner Delivery Roulette”

For now, your weekly dinner date is canceled. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get delivery via GrubHub, DoorDash, or Postmates. Both you and your significant other can send deliveries to each other’s address and enjoy food over Facetime or Zoom. Make sure to have a game plan, and set up a time for you and your partner’s deliveries to arrive. Then, sit together on a call and enjoy you (virtual) dinner date. 

Have a Netflix Party 

A recent app extension that is becoming  popular is Netflix Party. You and your significant other can watch a movie simultaneously, without having to try and sync up your TVs. There is also a chat option so you can discuss the movie together.Although you may not be able to go on a real movie date, this is a close second to it and you can still indulge in  popcorn and snacks!

Take a Zoo or Museum Virtual Tour

If you and your significant other enjoy things like going on zoo or museum dates, you can still do this online. Places like the San Diego Zoo, and museums like the Smithsonian’s Natural History and the National Women’s History Museum, offer virtual walkthroughs or guided tours. Set up a Zoom or Facetime call with your significant other and explore these places. 

Play Online Games 

Do you and your significant other love playing games together? Fortnite is a great option that you can play together. Another option is  Animal Crossing, which has become extremely popular while we’re all social distancing.  Online games allow you to enjoy some healthy competition while being virtually together.