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Couple slain in Andover home

ANDOVER —Just before the end of last semester, a double homicide occurred just miles from the Merrimack campus. No person of interest or suspect has been identified publicly.

The bodies of John and Geraldine Magee were found by a relative in their million-dollar home just off Route 28. John Magee was a real estate developer of upscale homes, and well established in the city.

This would be the first homicide in 20 years in town, the last one being a postal carrier killed in November 1991.

Some investigators speculated the murder was related to organized crime, as Magee’s Lexus was found torched in the North End neighborhood of Boston, just days prior to the deaths.

Police are still investigating this case and ask for the public’s help in providing any information they may have.


Police: Woman Killed Husband, Self

HAVERHILL — In the historic trails of Winnekenni Castle, a body of a man and woman were found in a car by walkers on Jan. 11. Martha McDermott, 36, of Hampton, N.H., and her husband, Kristin Broderick, 37, of Houston, Texas, were shot to death.

An investigation by Haverhill and Massachusetts State Police determined that it was a murder-suicide: McDermott shot her husband while in the car, then took her own life. Statistically, murder-suicides in which a woman is the aggressor are rare.

Police found a child’s car seat in the vehicle, but further investigation determined that the baby was safe, staying with family members.


Former Mayor of Boston Dies

BOSTON — Former Boston Mayor Kevin White died Jan. 27 at age 82. White died in his Beacon Hill home after a decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s.

He was mayor of Boston from 1968 to 1984.

White, also a former Massachusetts secretary of state, ran his early campaigns as a proponent for rent control. One of his early political slogans was, “When landlords raise rents, Kevin White raises hell.” White also gained popularity and notoriety in 1972 when he convinced the Rhode Island State Police to release members of the Rolling Stones so that they could make their concert in Boston, and avoid unruly fans.

His funeral was held on Wednesday at St. Cecilia Church in Back Bay. Eulogies were delivered by former State Treasurer Robert Crane, U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, Mayor Thomas Menino, and White’s son, Mark.

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