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Update on Hamel Health

Teresa Polli ’16, Staff Writer 

IMG_1518UPDATE ON HAMEL HEALTH: In 3 short months the fenced in area taking up a section of the St. Thomas Parking Lot just down Walsh Way will be replaced by the new Hamel Health Center. Some time in January a modular, which is a building that is constructed off site then transported to it’s location, will be delivered to the Merrimack campus. As a result, the manufacturing of this building will be quick and efficient. Along with a more convenient location, the new Hamel Health center will provide the Merrimack Community with new services. These services include a peer education group, a stress reduction group, a student health advisory board, collaboration with campus ministry on TALL, Talking About Life and Lost, a 24-hour phone counseling service, and a new appointment system that will make scheduling appointments more efficient.

These new services provided by the new Hamel Health Center has the Merrimack Campus buzzing. “I can’t wait till January, when I can go to Hamel Health whenever I need to, not having to worry about a long wait,” says Alexandra Kelly, a sophomore at Merrimack College. The new Hamel Health Center will be a great addition to the Merrimack Campus. In a few short months it will be open to all students providing full services.

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