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Twitter Tracker
Compiled by: @gbaby_cerratani
 @eddeddnjake: Sparky made me heart shaped nuggets? i cant wait

@dankolo22: Was on the ice with Stephane Da Costa today. Thankfully he got off early so I didnt have to go searching for my confidence after practice


@glenbotz: here at merrimack, we hate fin aid, complain over the food, but nothing pisses us off like HOUSING. i love watching this place explode w anger
@sm00v22: Damn…only 100 days left of school
andy_yav: teachers at Merrimack most definitely get hired on their lack of ability to use a computer #fact
@kyleneary: Found: (1) women’s north face. (1) men’s black quarter zip sweatshirt. (1) Merrimack College Water Bottle. Contact to arrange a pickup.
@chrisp_chris: Your talent will be severely missed Whitney #rip

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