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Townhouses: Far From the Crowd

James Sardella ’15, Staff Writer

The townhouses are located behind the Sakowich Campus Center and share a courtyard with Monican Centre and O’Brien Hall.

There are 14 townhouses that are composed of two floors, six bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a half-bathroom, a common room on the first floor, and laundry machines in every other townhouse.

The rooms in the townhouses consist of doubles and triples, which means that an average of 150 students reside in all of the townhouses. The average size for a room in this residential area is 12 feet by 16 feet, and each room comes equipped with a wardrobe, desk, desk chair, dresser, and bed for each resident.

Every other townhouse comes with a washing machine and a dryer to be shared between the residents of that townhouse and the one next to it.
The townhouses are not maintained by the staff of Physical Plant, so it is up to the students to uphold the cleanliness of their residence.

Ashley Frye, resident advisor for Methuen Townhouse, said she enjoys getting to know everyone because “There’s a lot less people in a townhouse than the other residence halls so you get to know everyone better.”

What Frye dislikes about the townhouses is that there is no common kitchen area. “It would be nice to have a refrigerator or a microwave that everyone can utilize, like you can find in the lobby of O’Brien,” she said.

The resident advisor for Tewksbury Townhouse, Kaylee McKenna, said she likes living in the townhouses because “It feels like we are in our own part of Merrimack’s campus.”

A concern McKenna has about the townhouses is “There isn’t any maintenance, so we have to clean the whole dorm ourselves.”
If you’re looking for a close-knit community and don’t want to deal with a seemingly overwhelming number of other students living in the same hallway, then the townhouses may just be right for you.

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