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Tips to Stay Green on Merrimack’s Campus

Alison Tobin ‘18



  • Go paperless! – Refrain from printing out all of your syllabi when you can access them online. If you must print something out, make sure to recycle it after you are done with it.



  • Recycle your bottles, cans, boxes, etc. – Have you seen the dumpsters by the apartments with the blue lids? Those are for recycling! There is no sorting needed so throw all of your recyclables in the blue dumpsters rather than with the trash.




  • Use a reusable water bottle – Merrimack has water bottle fill stations around campus so you can easily fill up a reusable water bottle. You can also get a Brita Water Filter to keep in your dorm room. This will also save you money from buying cases of water all the time.




  • Turn off lights when you aren’t using them – If you leave a room, make sure to turn the lights off to save energy.




  • Keep windows shut and don’t prop doors – Some dorm buildings on campus don’t allow you to adjust the temperature of your room. But for those than can, make sure you utilize this feature by turning the heat down rather than opening windows if it gets too hot in your room. Additionally, avoid propping doors open. This lets the heat out and wastes energy!