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Thoughts From a Remote Student

Alexandra Gioia ’23

Staff Writer

This summer, many college students and families were faced with the difficult decision about how they should continue their education amid the pandemic. Merrimack was generous and gave students numerous options: return to campus as usual (either residentially or as a commuter), attend Merrimack remotely, or take time off. Given my health and financial situations, my family and I decided that it would be best for me to be remote this semester.

While some classes are offered fully remote, all the classes that I need to take are only offered in a hybrid format. Merrimack has done a great job in making the remote experience the best that it can be. However, as expected, there have been some technical difficulties.

 It is hard for professors to fulfill the needs of both in-person students and remote students. I sometimes have a hard time hearing students talking in the classroom. Many professors try to repeat what the students are saying so I can follow, but understandably, they sometimes forget. 

Luckily, many events, and most campus services are available online. I have found it easy to stay involved on campus. Many clubs are meeting virtually while some events may still be able to occur in person. I sometimes feel like I am missing out by not being physically on campus, but there are still many ways that I can stay a part of the community.

 The Accessibility Service Center is making all accommodations available to remote students. The O’Brien Center for Career Development has also made their services easily accessible.

Personally, I feel as though Merrimack has made the best out of the current circumstances. I am still able to stay involved on campus virtually and attend my classes, despite being at home. Professors have made office hours available to students virtually as well. Everyone has been very accessible via email and Zoom, which has made the transition with going remote even easier.