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Theft Reported in Merrimack Dorm Room

Ted Chen ’16, Staff Writer 

PengCheng Wan ’15 (also known as PC) who is an RA on campus, reported a theft that happened in his room earlier this month. A grand total of $2000  worth of  items were stolen while he was on duty.
On midnight of April 5, 2014, PC was fulfilling his duty as RA clearing out a party in the common area in the New Hall Building. The suspect went into PC’s room and took a lot of his valuable items including some expensive perfumes and sneakers. PC reported to the police services immediately and all stolen items were found by the security camera that was installed in the New Halls on Monday, April 7th.  The suspect of the theft has remained nameless
According to PC, he was just out of his room for about half hour. He didn’t notice anything was stolen until he tried to take some vitamins the following morning and could not find his bottle of vitamins. He then noticed a lot more valuable things were missing and he went to the police services immediately. “They didn’t take it very seriously at first but after I told them how many things were stolen they started the investigation right away. It took them only one day to find all of the stolen goods, it was very impressive,” Said PC. The suspect of the case is still remaining nameless, and the case was still under investigation.

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