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The White House Release the Kennedy Files

By Sam Nardone ‘20

Staff Writer


The moment that some have been waiting for for a long time has arrived: the releasing of the Kennedy Assassination Files. On October 22th 2017, President Trump had met with the leaders of the United States government to discuss to release of the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy. Later during that week, on October 25th, President Trump had given the green light to execute the order to release the over 3,000 files that had been associated with John F. Kennedy in some way, including before and after the assassination.

With the release of the John F. Kennedy files, there is material in the files that are expected to be associated with his assassination on November 22nd, 1963 by alleged shooter Lee Harvey Oswald. With Kennedy’s death, there are multiple conspiracy theories to go with his death. The one conspiracy theory that is the best supported among those who have a vested interest in the assassination is the back and to the left theory.

The back and to the left theory indicates that there were multiple shooters in attendance during Kennedy’s death. The theory states that there were multiple shooters in the Texas School Book Depository Building and a shooter on the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza. As Kennedy was driving down, a shot was fired and completely missed the vehicle entirely. Then soon after a second shot is fired and makes contact with the vehicle.

In the assassination video, Kennedy waves his hand towards the crowd and then he stops for a couple of seconds, indicating that there could of been a shot fired at the car. Soon after the car drives past the corner across from the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, a third shot was fired and hit Kennedy in the throat, as indicated in the assassination video, he grabs his throat, indicating something wrong. Then a fourth shot is fired and hits the driver side front row passenger of the vehicle in the back. Finally, a fifth and final shot is made behind the white picket fence on top of the grassy knoll where Kennedy’s right side of his face gets blown off. This theory shows that the shots came from the back and to the left of Kennedy’s car.

History major Brandon Sullivan explains the importance of these files and what it could mean for the American people’s trust in the government. “I wouldn’t feel any different than I already do. The government could be covering this assassination up and so if they are covering this up, then what else they are hiding. I have actually been to Dealey Plaza and based on what I have been told about Lee Harvey Oswald and his involvement, I find it incredibly hard to believe that there was just one shooter. The way that the car was positioned in the street during the “shots”, Oswald would of have to reloaded his gun twice in the span of 7 seconds while reconfiguring his scope.”

“In the plaza, there are two white x’s on the street for where Kennedy was shot and since Oswald was on the sixth floor of the texas school book depository building on the far right window, there is no way that Oswald could have acted alone. Also, as Oswald was being brought into custody for the assassination, he had yelled I’m a patsy, I’m a patsy. So with that in mind, I believe that the government had planned to kill Kennedy,” said United States History professor Lauren Bundy as she walks through the assassination of Kennedy and what she believes the government has to do with the death of the president.

“I have been studying this particular assassination for over 11 years and I can truly say that government had some sort of involvement in his death. I understand there are some conspiracy theories connected with Kennedy, but some of them are very poorly explained, such as the magic bullet theory.”

The magic bullet theory states that the bullet entered Kennedy’s neck, when 90 degrees down his body and then a full 90 degrees out the front of his stomach and hit the upper back of the passenger.

According to Bundy, “this theory is the worst theory there is. I find it absurd that the government refuses to provide the truth to the American people. I am relieved to find out what these Kennedy files have in store. Those files will either say two things: the government is for us or against us. I hope the answer we as a people get from these files is one that will put us at ease.”