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The Thoughts of a Transfer Student

Liam Killeen, Staff Writer ’15


Transfer Student: Matthew Dawson

College: Merrimack College

Previous School: Bentley

Hometown: Dennis Yarmouth

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Me: What was your reason for leaving Bentley?

Matt: I didn’t like the area or the social setting.

Me: What are you studying currently at Merrimack?

Matt: I’m a business major. I have a concentration in sports management.

Me: What do you miss about Bentley?

Matt: I really liked their food.

Me: How have people been treating you since you’ve been at Merrimack?

Matt: People have been treating me great, everyone is friendly.

Me: What are the major differences you’ve seen between the two institutions?

Matt: Merrimack is way smaller, but I enjoy it because the class sizes are also smaller which helps me in class. Also, Bentley was less lenient when I was there.

Me: Do you have more fun going to Merrimack than you did at Bentley?

Matt: Eh, about the same amount.

Me: What is your favorite part about attending Merrimack College?

Matt: I like the gym a lot since they’ve put more work into it. I also really like the social environment. Everybody is friendly.

Me: What is your favorite meal at Merrimack College?

Matt: I like the chicken patties.

Me: What is your favorite spot on campus?

Matt: I like the MPR just to shoot around with my friends after working out.

Me: Do you play any sports now?

Matt: I played football at Bentley, but I am not playing anything now.

Me: What advice do you have for other transfer students?

Matt: I would say just keep an open mind and stick it out.

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