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The Shape of Things

bedPat Minihan ’15

Staff Writer

As you step into the McQuade Library, normally the first thing you see would be shelves of books and posters promoting upcoming events on campus. However, this past week student’s eyes met a large bed placed in the center of the McQuade lobby upon entering the library.

The director of “The Shape of Things,” Kathleen Sills, worked with the Onstagers to come up with a fresh marketing tactic to try to attract the Merrimack Community to the play, and draw them to attend the performance.

The members of Onstagers implemented the bed and the scattered arrangement of clothing on the floor as a part of their marketing tactic. These items were placed there with no explanation, leaving students bewildered.

The bed symbolizes the story of a young man and woman in college who get involved in an affair. The star of the show Evelyn, has a vision for her new found flame, Adam and it is about their journey together down on a path of loyalty, self identity, and love as they take the audience through a challenging yet seductive ride.

The play will be showing this week from October 23-26th every night at 7:30 pm with the exception of the 25th which will also have a matinee show at 2:00 pm. All students are more than welcome to go.

General Admission is $10.00 and for Students & Employees $5.00.

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