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Rogers Center Spring Events

ChoiWing Kong ’16, Staff Writer 

The Rogers Center is the performing arts center at Merrimack that holds events for fine arts programs, such as drama and music. On the official website of The Rogers Center, it says, “At the Rogers Center for the Arts, we are dedicated to making life as flavorful as possible, with season after season of varied and exciting programming. Our mission is to provide a stimulating, artistic, and educational environment that supports the creation of both visual and performing arts, enriching the cultural fabric of Merrimack College and the Merrimack Valley communities.” The Rogers Center is located opposite to Deegan Hall and next to three parking lots at Merrimack.

Within the Rogers Center, there is a gallery called McCoy Gallery, which presents beautiful art pieces continuously and free for everyone to walk in and enjoy. Next to the gallery, is an auditorium for drama and music. The official webpage of Roger Center will have the most updated information: http://www.merrimack.edu/community/rogers/.

The information on the website consists of listed events that are going to be shown in Rogers Center. Visitors can also claim tickets via website, by phone, by mail or in person in Box Office in the entrance of Roger Center. The site also shows the discounts that available for different types of people such as Merrimack faculty members, students, and group rates.

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 7.46.38 PMIn April, there are five events are going to take place in The Roger Center: Tartuffe, Monty Python’s Spamalot, An Evening of Jazz, Andover Choral Society’s Spring Performance and Moby Dick. Some of the shows are presented by Merrimack College students and faculty members as part of the Onstagers group. The remaining shows are performed by off campus groups.

The shows at the Rogers Center are special because Merrimack College as well as the surrounding community invest a lot of time to organize and pick the best shows for people the watch and enjoy their nights.


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