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The Missing Meaning of Christmas

By Alexandra Noble ‘18

Features Editor


The Christmas season is one of the most magical and decorated times throughout the entire year. People decorate the inside and outside of their houses with bright lights, hang stockings by the fireplace, put ornaments on Christmas trees, sing Christmas carols, make and decorate Christmas cookies, and most popularly, presents are opened on Christmas morning. With all of the holiday cheer in the air, it seems as though the true meaning of Christmas seems too often forgotten in a world full of materialistic joy.

Christmas is a time to celebrate and rejoice about the birth of Jesus. It is a spiritual time to celebrate life and appreciate all that it has to offer. Much like Thanksgiving, thanks should always be given on Christmas in recognition for all of the amazing family and friends we surround ourselves with. Christmas is more than spending money on gifts to show people you are thinking of them and that they mean something to you. It is about giving the love in your heart in simple ways, both through faith and belief.

For some, religion is not something that they are either familiar with or in practice of. Being “religious” does not define how you celebrate Christmas, and it does not mean that you are celebrating it incorrectly if you are not “religious.” Christmas is more than anything tangible. It is a spiritual holiday that people hold in their hearts. Often times, people become so caught up in the buying part of Christmas, that they forget the simple joys of life, such as spending time with those you love the most.

Christmas, in a sense, can be anything that you want it and make it to be. However, I think it is always important to stay humble and to never forget the roots of how Christmas started; the birth of Jesus. Christmas is more than just receiving the newest iPhone or Xbox game. It is about spreading love and joy to others, hopefully touching someone else in a way that brings them happiness. Staying faithful, kind and selfless this holiday season might make more of a difference to someone than you may think!