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The Hawks Invade Merrimack

Dan Peznola & TJ Provencal

Staff Writers

North Andover- It was a warm spring day, New England’s long, cold winter left students yearning for spring’s arrival. Today was finally the day. Skreeeeech! The Hawks are here, bearing meats and beers. The only thing thicker than the humid spring air was the promise of events to follow. Sizzle! goes the grill.. Whoosh! goes the frisbees piercing the day’s warm breeze. Bros and babes fill the quad with chits and chatters. Young men and women shivering with anticipation of the nights events. It’s 2:35PM, we’re in the stronghold that is The Beacon office; pearched quaintly over a blur of gold and blue: the Merrimack faithful. This day has taken us from the pile of bones known as Hudson, Massachusetts, to the bright shining light of North Andover. A day full of Leinenkugels, meats, and new friendships has left us yearning for more. Simply put, we’re thirsty. We want it, nayyyy we need it. We are Hawks, more over Warriors. There is a new sheriff in town and the name is Dan Peznola.

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