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The Girard School of Business

merrimackgiradTeresa Polli ’16, Staff Writer

The School of Business has been a significant part of Merrimack history. The primarily undergraduate business program offers students small classrooms, creating more interaction with peers and teachers, and real-world opportunities including internships and co-ops, along with a forward-looking curriculum.

The school covers the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, management and international business. It offers a number of minors, including business, accounting, finance, marketing, management, human resource management and operations management.

However, the business school at Merrimack would not be where it is today without the generosity of Frank E. Girard.

When Girard first enrolled at Merrimack, he was a night student in hope of earning his associate’s degree. He worked full-time as an industrial photographer for Craig Systems Inc., but got a push from the company president, Erick Kaunders, to become a full-time student. With the chance to prove himself, Girard became a member of the student council and news editor of the school newspaper, and earned the second best grades in the school of business in his first semester.

After graduating from Merrimack in 1962 with a degree in business administration Girard entered military service, then became president and CEO of Boston Technology, later becoming CEO of Comverse Network Systems.

After reaching success, Frank. E Girard was more than happy to share his prosperity with Merrimack. He donated $2.5 million to the school that pushed him and shaped him into the successful man he is today. Because of Frank Girard’s gift, many students are going to be given the opportunity to be part of the Girard School of Business.

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