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The Countdown to Graduation: 100 Days Event

Andrew Napolitano, Staff Writer

It was the beginning of the end for Merrimack College seniors on Feb. 10 as they gathered together to celebrate the final hundred days of their collegiate career.

Nearly half of the senior class attended the event, which took place at the most popular destination for the class of 2012: the Claddagh Pub.

Those who attended the event were provided with transportation, free cover and food throughout the event for simply $10. If seniors donated $20.12 for the class of 2012 T- shirt they were given free access to the upstairs section of the pub for the pre-game party an hour prior to the kickoff of the event.

Allison Stinson, the associate director of student involvement, said, “Overall students seemed to really love the event, especially the private event portion upstairs and the free appetizers and room downstairs.”

The private portion of the event was attended by approximately 190 students and created an atmosphere displaying the bond the class of 2012 has with one another. Students were talking and laughing together as they feasted on a variety of different foods. This one hour pre-game illustrated that although there are several clicks within the senior class as soon as a variety of students come together as one it builds an instant connection.

Jake Polas, a member of the senior class and one of the most enthused attendees of the 100 Days event, said, “It was great just having all the seniors in one room separated from everyone else, not to mention the best crab rangoon I have ever had in my life. Overall the top section was one of the greatest times I have had at the Claddagh, along with the bus ride home.”

As soon as the one hour pre-game party concluded, all those who attended were directed downstairs by the senior student council and members of student involvement, where they joined the rest of the class of 2012. Downstairs included live entertainment and a different variety of food from upstairs. Students were socializing, dancing and enjoying each other’s company.

Although the downstairs portion of the event reminded a lot of people of a typical Thursday night at the Claddagh there was something different about this night.

“There was a different feel to this night. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just felt as if we were the only ones there and it was a great start to the end of our four years at the Mack,” said senior student Dan Smith.

This was the first year the student council and student involvement had decided to host the 100 Days event off the Merrimack College campus. In past years the event typically took place in the MPR, which provided easier transportation.

Stinson, in regards to the future of this event being hosted at the Claddagh, said, “The event overall went very well, and with some changes we would consider doing the event again.”

In the end the 100 Days event proved the most successful event thus far for the senior class. It brought together 250 students of the class of 2012, and the student council hopes to continue this success in future senior events.

Senior Class President Melissa Garabedian said, “I hope we can keep up the awesome participation for the remainder of our Senior Events: March 2 Mohegan, March 3 Senior Hockey Night, April 28 Senior Formal and May 4 Senior Toast.”

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