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The Campus Bookstore's Back and Better Than Ever

Tianfan Chen ’16, Staff Writer

This year at Merrimack, we have a brand new bookstore on campus. It is located at in the new hockey rink, right beside Dunkin’ Donuts. The new bookstore is much bigger than the old one in the Sakowich Center. In the new bookstore, there are an array of new products and day-today items students may need. For example, there are new styles of sweatshirts, sweatpants, new shot glasses, wine glasses, thermoses and leather notebooks. Snacks and shampoos are also available in the new bookstore at the student’s convenience. . As opposed to the one register at the old bookstore, they’ve expanded and added 4 more registers in the new store, for a grand total of 5 new registers. The new registers that were added save students’ time on checking out, especially in the beginning of the semester.

bookstore (2)

“I feel very happy to work in the new bookstore. I feel very happy that we have a bigger place and the new 5 registers really help a lot. And we have more staffs than last year,” Yudenny Castillo, a full time sales assistant in the bookstore shared her thought about her new working environment.

There are 15 staff members working at the new bookstore; all of the new staff members are students from Merrimack, except for the manager and Yudenny. Although the bookstore is fully staffed now, Students who want to work in the bookstore next semester can just get an application from the store and the store will review their schedule.

The manager of new bookstore, Megan, is also very happy about the new bookstore:” The new bookstore absolutely brings the positive attitude to the  school. We have been receiving positive reviews from the students. We have a lot of new high end products in the store and we are happy to listen to students’ advice and opinions. We will try our best to satisfy students’ wants and we are very flexible. Students can just talk to me directly if they have any thoughts or ideas for the bookstore.”

The newly expanded bookstore will benefit Merrimack’s student body this year. With new apparel and products, including the 4 new registers, the new bookstore is a great addition to Merrimack’s campus. Take a look at the new bookstore for yourself and see all the great new products they have!

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