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The Beginning of a New Tradition: The Honors Winter Soirée

Maria D’Auria ‘20

Honors Program Student


The Merrimack Honors Program started a new tradition this year with the Honors Winter Soirée, which took place on Feb. 9.  This event gathered Honors students faculty members, alumni, and administrators for a night of dinner and dancing in the MPR.

The Honors Winter Soirée was planned in replacement of the Honors reception that is typically held in the beginning of the fall semester. The planning committee felt that introducing a Soirée would entice more people to come, since the attire was cocktail dresses and suit and tie. Tori Thistle, an honors program senior and Soirée committee member, said, “At the opening reception we used to have, most students stayed for less than an hour. We wanted to host a new and exciting event where we could bring the entire Merrimack Honors Program community together with faculty, staff, administration, and honors alumni.”

The night started off with music playing in the background as everyone chatted with their old roommates, friends, and former professors. As the night went on, people were encouraged to take pictures, and also use the thematic props given at the photo booth. Kevin Salemme was also there as the main photographer, walking around catching candids that included students taking iconic selfies with their friends, and of course, everyone partaking in the “Electric Slide.”

Due to the success of this event, the Honors Program hopes to continue this tradition every February with a goal to get even more alumni and students to attend. Katie Clark, sophomore, attended the special evening, recalling, “It was a great way to bring the Honors community together – a good way to start a new tradition.” This was the theme throughout the entire evening; everyone felt the community aspect during all courses of the night.

Being able to catch up with old friends from freshman year, meeting alumni, and talking to professors about the Honors classes they are teaching was an excellent way to bring everyone in the Honors community together as one. Attendees felt the night was definitely one to remember, so hopefully Merrimack sees many more Honors Soirées in the future.