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The Beacon Announces Name Change to The Bacon

To our loyal readers, followers, and the Merrimack College community, it is with great enthusiasm that we are announcing the new name of our student-run campus newspaper formerly known as The Beacon. In light of recent events, we have come together as an organization and feel that it is more fitting to adapt to the new name and identity that we have chosen. Hence forth, we have formally decided that the Merrimack College student-run newspaper will now be known as The Bacon.

As our organization put much thought into this decision, we wanted to formally announce our new name and its purpose. We truly felt that this name and identity encompassed what it truly means to be a Warrior while also expressing a love for the most favorite breakfast food.

It is not every day that you can make an impact on your community, and we feel as though this new name will truly encompass Merrimack College’s core values to enlighten hearts, engage minds, and empower lives.

We look forward to the writing journey ahead. 


The Bacon