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'Team 30' Poised for Great Season

by Lance Hill, Staff Writer

softball3Double plays, fastballs, pinch hitters, and home runs. We’re not talking about baseball; Merrimack softball will be like no other this season. With the adoption of their new inspiration of “Team 30” these Warriors are fine-tuning all their skills and working overtime to become a top contender in the NE-10 Conference.

Their record overall is 8-11, but the team’s recent performance does not justify their record. They have been getting after it in both practice and their past competitions. Junior catcher Jennifer Post and junior outfielder Courtney Ulak gave their feedback on the team, their performance so far early in the season and their individual strides and contributions to the team.

Post said, “We have adopted this term of ‘Team 30’. It is the 30th year of our program and 802 win of our program’s history and we want to tack on to that. We want people to know that we are a force to be reckoned with and that we are a team that deserves respect in the NE-10.

“Right now we are practicing what we are preaching,” she said. We, as a team, know if there is someone on second base we need to do whatever we can to move her over to third or to bring her in, and that is very important and needs to happen from here on out.

“Our coach is very good at making a line up plan paralleling our strengths and weaknesses,” she said.

Ulak gave her input on the team and how they perform.

“I honestly think we can take our division in our conference. We gotta be focused and ready to play. You have to be able to accept the fact you might fail and to be ready for the next opportunity. What I really like about the team is that we are very competitive in all aspects on our team. In both practice and inter-squads.”

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