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Talking with Sodexo

Maria D’Auria ‘20

Marketing Director

We always see them on campus, whether that be in the library, the Den, or the Sanctuary Café. These hard-workers are the Sodexo employees of Merrimack College. I had the pleasure of getting to know a few of them and getting insights into their lives beyond Merrimack College.

Maria:What do you do in your free time?

Yermin Avila: spending time with family, taking pictures of planets with my telescope and, and playing Call of Duty.

Alex Pena: I mostly spend time with my two kids.

Gilberto Márquez: I enjoy preparing meals every night and watching TV with my girlfriend.

Javier Reyes: I go to the library, spend time with my roommate, go to Augie’s Pub, and go for drives.

Maria: What is your favorite food?

Yermin Avila: Cheese pizza.

Alex Pena: Steak.

Gilberto Márquez: Rice and beans and chuleta steak.

Javier Reyes: Pupusas, Indian food, and ribs.

Maria: Best place you have traveled to?

Yermin Avila: Puerto Rico.

Alex Pena: New York.

Gilberto Márquez: Puerto Rico and Newport, Rhode Island.

Javier Reyes: El Salvador, my home country. It is full of historical places, beaches, and culture.

Maria: Where were you born?

Yermin Avila: Puerto Rico.

Alex Pena: Born in the Dominican Republic, but I was raised in Lawrence, MA.

Gilberto Márquez: Puerto Rico.

Javier Reyes: El Salvador.

Maria: Do you have any advice for seniors?

Yermin Avila: Don’t let your mind control you, you control your mind. Also, don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.

Alex Pena: Once you start, don’t stop. Never stop. Never settle. Keep pushing. Never quit.

Gilberto Márquez: Stay in school, work hard, and take advantage of every opportunity you get. Life is short, and you have to live it!

Javie Reyesr: Be brave, be happy, and no matter how hard life might get, just keep looking forward. The past is your best teacher, and if you don’t learn from it, you will never move further!