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Taking on The World

By Jillian Blanco ’19

Staff Writer


The entire college experience is essentially made up of receiving a higher education, socializing, and hopefully making lifelong friends to share these experiences with. In the case of these three Merrimack students, the college experience is about to expand far beyond the norm.

In the spring semester of 2017, juniors Morgan Francese, Rachel Tavani, and Joslyn Battite will be traveling abroad. Francese and Tavani will be spending the semester in London, England, while Battite will be in Australia. All three students are very excited to be studying in another country.

Everyone should take a semester to go outside of their comfort zone and live in another country while also studying what you love,” said Battite. Francese had a similar response and believes it will be an “amazing opportunity” especially because she has never been out of the country.

Traveling abroad for college comes with many opportunities, however being so far away from home can be daunting. Tavani commented that going to London will be “different and nerve wracking being in a completely new city I have never been to before.”

Despite the nerves, the girls are more than ready to experience life outside of the country and even have some “bucket list” items prepared while in London and Australia. Battite says she “hope[s] to meet a lot of kangaroos, go skydiving, scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, take surfing lessons, and come back with an accent.”

Since Tavani and Francese will be going to London together, the duo hopes to travel to different countries in Europe.