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Students Talk About Winter Blues

By Margaret Mulligan ’19

Staff Writer


It’s an emotional roller coaster almost every student undergoes. The excitement of finishing a semester, going home to see friends and family for winter break, and the notion of relaxation after cramming for finals. But then come the new emotions. The fear of a new semester and the workload it brings, and of course missing college friends.

“I wasn’t excited to be coming back because I felt stressed out and overwhelmed,” said Mullen, a freshman.

Freshman Jillian Hussey felt the same way. Her schedule this semester is much more difficult than last semester and she is worried as to how she is going to handle the workload.

“I am excited to be back, but I am worried about my classes this semester,” Hussey said.

Madison Cammarata, a freshman, expressed apprehension or a different reason. She is from New York and it makes it difficult to get home when homesickness strikes. “I felt excited to be coming back to see all my friends, but at the same time I was sad because I know I won’t see my family for a while,” Cammarata said.