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Students Opt For Takeout and Beer While Snowed In On-Campus

By Olivia Pink ’17

Staff Writer


When two large snowstorms hit the college in the first week of February, it came as no surprise for students who are from New England. For students, snowstorms typically mean no classes, but what does a snowstorm mean for surrounding businesses?

With high winds and freezing temperatures, it seems more appealing for most students to stay warm in their dorm rooms rather than making the trek to Sparky’s for dinner. For senior, Maria Tashijan, having a snow day is the perfect excuse for her and her roommates to order from surrounding pizza joints.

“Mr. Takeout is definitely the first place that I consider ordering from during a winter storm,” said Tashijan. “As lazy as it sounds, it’s so much easier to get a cheese pizza delivered than to put on layers of clothing for Sparky’s. And the fact that the food is always good makes takeout that much more appealing on a snow day.”

“The snow days definitely tend to increase the volume of deliveries, but unfortunately with too much snow it makes it harder to deliver to such places sometimes,” a Mr. Takeout employee said. “But there is definitely a noticeable increase with pizza and wings. Those are our main dishes we deliver to students.”

Mr. Takeout isn’t the only busy takeout option. A snowstorm for workers at Captain Pizza also means a considerable number of deliveries to Merrimack students. “With the most recent snow day, we were busy all day and almost all of the orders (which were mainly pizza) were from Merrimack students,” said a Captain Pizza employee.

It is also no secret that for many students, a snow day is another reason to relax with a bottle of wine or a cold beer. Unfortunately for students, liquor stores do not deliver like most pizza joints do.

“Merrimack students are starting to come in the day beforehand because they’re getting a little smarter than the years before,” said an Andover Liquors employee. “It’s mainly beer that we see being bought, but sometimes it can be hard to decipher which customers are Merrimack students.”

For senior Kevin Perdios, the snowy trek to a liquor store is usually worth it. “There’s something about hanging out with friends, drinking a beer and knowing that you don’t have to wake up for your 8 a.m. the next day. So of course I will go to the liquor store during a snowstorm.”




Photo by Hannah Gillis