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Student Suggestions for the Old Hamel Health Building

Zach Ingalls ‘15

Staff Writer

There has been a lot of talk among students of what to do with the old Hamel Health building, across from the back of the Sakowich Campus Center. As of now the building is being used for storage for Merrimack Facility’s supplies, but some students and staff feel that this empty space could be utilized in a different way.

Some members of Merrimack College believe it should be turned into a convenience store, where students can get supplies without the inconvenience of leaving the campus. Senior Katie Brescani said, “I think a convenience store would be great to have on campus for necessities and food. It really can be a hassle living in the apartments and having to leave campus in order to prepare meals and it is expensive.”

“I think Augie’s should move to the building (old Hamel Health) that way Sparky’s Place can add more seating or more areas to serve food,” stated Junior Scott Corcoran. Moving Augie’s Pub would allow for Sparky’s to extend into Augie’s current space, allowing for more room within the dining hall. Also, by moving Augie’s Pub into the new space, pool tables and a dance floor could be added.

These are just two possible ideas, contributed to students, of what Merrimack could do with this empty space. When asked about what the college plans to do with the old Hamel Health building, James Chiavelli, Associate Vice President for Communications at Merrimack College, said, “there are currently no plans for the building at this time.”

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