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Student Org Spotlight: WMCK Radio

Scott Edwards ‘21

Sports Editor

Student organizations are what make Merrimack College such a special school. Every organization is unique in its own way and gives students a chance to learn and grow while meeting new people and pursuing their dreams in different ways. The Student Organization Spotlight for this month is Merrimack’s radio station: WMCK Radio. 

WMCK Radio was created to give everyone on campus an opportunity to become a host or DJ and share their thoughts, music, or really anything that they feel. Radio shows tend to center around talk, sports, news, and of course, music. 

 “The radio station is a space where creativity and expression can be free,” said Andrew “Panda” Borromeo, who is the general manager of WMCK. “Radio show hosts have the capabilities of expressing what they love to listen to, what they find interest in or even what they want to share with the listeners. What is so captivating about the radio station is that we are not really limited to the varieties that a show host would want to do.” 

The student organization produces between 50 to 80 shows per semester, and there is almost always a new show every hour during the week.

“My favorite part of doing a show each week is honestly being able to be myself and play the music that the listeners can relate to and dance to,” said Joe Leblanc, who is a current DJ at the station. 

Some may believe that WMCK is only for Communications and Media majors, but as a matter of fact, that is not the case. A number of show hosts at the station and serving on the e-Board major in different subjects from around campus. Students do not need to join with prior radio or DJ knowledge and abilities.

If you are interested in listening, you can tune in on the Tune-In app at any time during the week to hear completely different sounds and shows on the hour. There is a posted schedule outside the WMCK radio station on the second floor of Cushing Hall.