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Student Meditation Group

By: Courtney Aznavoorian ‘16

Staff Writer

Of course everyone at Merrimack knows just how stressful college can be. Keeping up with classes, sports, clubs, work, etc. It can get overwhelming. If you are feeling stressed out, the college’s new student meditation group may be beneficial for you. You may have seen this in the daily digest lately, but what is it exactly?

The student meditation group was started last spring at some students’ suggestion. Fr Keith Hollis conducts these meetings, which are held each Tuesday night at 9:00 pm in the third floor chapel of the Sakowich Campus Center. Each session runs between 30-45 minutes. “Typically, it is a time of quiet with directed guided scripts that allow students to relieve tension and relax.” Explains Fr Keith.

There are usually about 20-40 students who attend these meetings each week. All students are welcome to any meeting. It can be especially helpful to first year students. Fr Keith tells The Beacon, “Students who attend comment most of the time as they leave the session that the experience was helpful and relaxing.” At the moment, Fr Keith is the only one who conducts the meetings, but soon students will be trained to be able to lead the groups. This is a great opportunity to clear your mind and relax for a while. “It has been successful beyond our expectations.”

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