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Student Housing Offered at Royal Crest

Brooke Coupal ’17, Associate-Editor-in-Chief

With a new year brings new students, and with the incoming freshman increasing every year for Merrimack, more housing for students is in demand.

About 2,800 students currently attend Merrimack College, and with 75% of them wanting to live on campus, the demand for housing is apparent. To accommodate for all these residential students for the 2014-2015 school year, Merrimack has leased apartments across the street at Royal Crest for students to live in.

As the campus continues to expand, more students are being accepted to the college. This results in a need for more housing. Merrimack College has come up with the solution of leasing 19 apartments at Royal Crest to accommodate for these rising numbers of residential students. Within these 19 apartments, about 80 Merrimack students reside in them, through Merrimack’s partnership with Royal Crest, as stated by Sara Hicks, Director of Residence Life. Two resident advisors and two graduate fellows also live there to oversee these students.

According to residence life, for a student who is living over at Royal Crest, they pay the same room and board price as if they were living in a St. Thomas or St. Ann apartment on campus. These students receive the same furniture, free laundry, Wi-Fi, and cable, a full equipped kitchen, and air conditioning just like the students living in on campus apartments. They are allowed a 5 meal plan, which is only offered to residential students living in an apartment. Students at Royal Crest also have the opportunity to have their car at the apartment complex, and are able to take the new Merrimack shuttle to and from the campus.

Even though these students are off campus, “they still follow under the Merrimack College umbrella,” as said by Hicks. Having students over at Royal Crest, under the Merrimack College residence life, is an extension of housing for the college.


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