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Stay Healthy and Fit This Summer

By Latika Karnani

Staff Writer


Are you working on your mental fitness along with your physical fitness? Usually it’s either one or the other, or worse – neither. This summer, students can work toward a complete overhaul. Incorporate the following activities in your life and build yourself into a person with an alluring and radiating personality. Modify and add your own exercises, too.

Morning routine: Wake up early – A glass of warm water – Meditation

A glass of warm water cleanses the digestive system, improves blood circulation, promotes a healthy nervous system, improves skin hair, and overall vitality. There are plenty of scientific benefits from meditation. It will improve focus, memory retention and recall, information processing, improve immunity, energy levels, and resilience against pain and adversity, just to name a few.   

Workout routine:

It’s important to understand that our body gets habituated to training routines. For maximum effect, keep changing it and try incorporating new things. For example, even if you don’t do yoga, give a shot to sun salutation. It’s an iconic exercise of 12 poses. It’s considered as the only exercise that covers every big muscle group in our body. If performed slowly, it relaxes you, tones muscles, and has psychological benefits. If performed with pace, it’s an excellent cardio and strengthening exercise.  

Everything starts with the mind. Think extensively about what you are going to do on the ground, gym, or court. Plan strategies with more endurance, better stretching, less jogging, and more abs. Think in excruciating details.

After your workouts, take a minute to enjoy the state of your body. Feel the rhythm of the muscles thumping and your heart pumping. This will fuel a reward circuit in your brain. Reward circuits serve as a reinforcement, it will help you maintain your determination and will give you that extra push to get up when you are lazy or not in the mood to do an additional set.