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Spring Weekend Festivities

Lance Hill ’15, Staff Writer 

Kan Jam and Corn Hole. Football and Franks. Basketball and burgers, but most important, warm weather. That time of year has come again, Spring Weekend! This is the time of year where traditionally the campus comes together to celebrate our successes and look forward to the commencement of our fellow seniors. We also count down the days that get closer and closer to summer. Along with Spring Weekend, there are always events that are put together across the campus for everyone to enjoy. These events included: A Variety Act by the magician Mat Franco, a campus wide Cash Cab and movie night featuring “The Goonies”, and our big annual Spring Concert that hosted The Plain White T’s and A Great Big World. Along with these big events, we had many more things to do that include student creating teams to compete in the big annual softball tournament and a Throwback Party with great music and games, and much more! With the new additions to the campus, our student body wasted no time in utilizing the new spaces and having fun in the sun. You had students having fun in the Deegan-Ash Quad playing a lot of games, The New Residence Halls were packed with students enjoying the warm weather along with the Townhouse-Monican Quad where you had people grilling and playing music. Also, the apartments always have lots of people hanging out with one another.

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