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Spring into Action With Merrimack’s Intramurals

By Shannon McBain ‘16

Staff Writer


Not everyone at Merrimack College is a student athlete for a division 1 or 2 sports team. However, there are options for non-athlete students to participate in less committed and less time consuming extracurricular sport activities.

Merrimack College is offering coed basketball, badminton, indoor soccer, men and women’s ice hockey for the Spring 2016 semester.

The intramural games are held in the MPR in the Sakowich Center. However, the men and women’s ice hockey intramural games are located in Lawler Arena. In order to participate, students are required to sign up on ImLeagues.com and create a team. Students are required to pay a $20.00 forfeit fee.

Merrimack’s intramural games started Sunday, January 31st.  The intramural games are generally in the evenings on Sunday thru Thursday, starting around 7:00 p.m. till as late as midnight.

“My experience has been nothing but positive. I play basketball, dodge ball, and softball. I’ve done it since freshman year. I enjoy being a supervisor as it gives me valuable leadership experience” according to David Chance, a senior at Merrimack College, as well as a supervisor for Merrimack’s intramurals.

Intramural sports serve as an extracurricular activity for students to participate during the week. Joining an intramural sports team benefits Merrimack College’s community by allowing the students to meet new people in a social and physically active setting. Intramurals also encourages students to participate in sports that interest them in a convenient manner. Most students at Merrimack College have busy schedules during the day whether it is classes, job responsibilities, homework or their social lives.

Having intramural games scheduled later in the evening, allow students to participate in the intramurals offered. Merrimack offers a range of different sports through the intramural program. The intramurals in the fall semester are normally held outdoors because the weather is generally warmer.

“We won! I am so glad I joined!” is what Keri Fitzgerald, senior at Merrimack College, said about joining coed indoor soccer.

“I would assume about 30% of Merrimack’s student body participate in intramural sports” according to David Chance. Due to the range of different sports offered through Merrimack’s intramurals, many students can find something that appeals or is of interest to them.

Intramural sports at Merrimack College are a good way for college students to take advantage of what Merrimack has to offer.