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Spring Concert Revealed

Schuyler Watkins ’14, Associate Editor-in-Chief

The time has come once again, when the Merrimack Planning Board reveals the band they have chosen for the annual spring concert. The results were received, but will Merrimack host another country star? Or has the MPB gone down a different route?

Don’t be surprised if a country music musician won’t be joining us this year. Merrimack Planning Board goes through a lengthy process when it comes to deciding which musician will be the main event of Spring Weekend. After the board receives the results, they decide if the winning genre will be the definite choice. Once at a conclusion for genre, the next action is to obtain a list of possible options within the designated price range. The list is quickly narrowed down once the board is made aware of just how expensive some bands are. Bids are made for preferred performers and then it’s the waiting game from there. The MPB distinguishes which band that accepts the bid will be a sell-out concert for Merrimack College and the surrounding community.

The past three years have been a roller coaster of ticket sales for the concerts. Ludacris was a flop-not even half the tickets available were sold. Girl Talk brought in more people than Ludacris, but still didn’t make enough of an impact. The Band Perry, however, was a sell-out, allowing the MPB to be flexible with their band choice this year.

In just a few hours, the campus won’t have to wait any longer. The spring concert performer will be revealed directly after the home hockey game in Lawler Arena, the same location we will see the show in just two short months.

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