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Spring Concert Preview

Schuyler Watkins ’14, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Spring Concert Survey Says…..

Merrimack’s annual Spring Weekend is a time on campus where students are able to enjoy the last few weeks of school while participating in some of Merrimack’s approved, and not so approved activities. Amongst the on-campus entertainment that Merrimack provides for us, is the event of the weekend: The Spring Concert. Each year, Merrimack students eagerly wait for that crucial announcement introducing the musical act of the weekend. In the past, we have encountered talent such as Ludacris, Girl Talk, and most recently, The Band Perry. Due to the success of last year’s show, students turn to the MPB, Merrimack Programming Board, for a performance that is even more colossal and euphonious then the previous.


The Merrimack Programming Board is responsible for many of the activities that take place on campus. This club, which is made up of five committees, strives to accommodate the students of Merrimack when it comes to any program, especially the concert. Every year, a survey is sent to students including different questions relating to preferred genre of music we wish to hear, as well as how much we are willing to spend on a ticket. Well, the results are in. This year, 36.9% of students who took the survey voted for Country, while 25% voted for R&B/Rap, 17.7% voted DJ/Electronic, and Pop came in last with only 15.5% of student votes.

Matt O’Neill and Lauren Foster, co-chairs of the concert committee, broke down the necessary steps taken once the results are received. Lauren explained, “First we create the genre survey and await the results. From there, we see who is in our budget and who would appeal to most students.” Matt added on by saying, “We have an agent who we consult with, so once we get our surveys back, we send them to him and he sends us a master list of potential artists. From there, Lauren, myself, The Assistant Director of Student Involvement, Rose Dolan, and our graduate fellow, sit down and decide who will be performing.” Although this process is not an easy one, Lauren admitted, “We take into account what students want; what will sell tickets on as well as off campus.”

In order to have students and non-students fit comfortably inside of Volpe, there is a 3,500-ticket limit. These tickets are open to the public once Merrimack students have taken advantage of their “first come first serve” benefit. “We aim to keep ticket prices low. $20 is average,” Matt confirmed. “When can you get a $20 ticket to see a big name band in the front row?” Lauren then proudly added.

Spring weekend this year is April 11th and 12th (April 10th-13th for those of us who like to expand the weekend) with the concert date not yet confirmed. Regardless of the artist, the Spring Concert continues to bring the Merrimack Community together in a time of celebration and festivities.

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