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Spring Breakers Take Bahamas By Storm

By Shannon McBain

Staff Writer ‘16


Merrimack College’s spring break was March 15-28. Spring break could not have started sooner for most students who were stressing over mid-term papers, tests, and projects. Luckily, students at Merrimack had a relatively long enough break, therefore allowing them to travel to different places with friends and family, return to their hometowns, or remain on campus without having to complete much school work. Many students were able to travel to different countries and states.

For some students at Merrimack, this was their last spring break. Some seniors planned trips to different locations in order to celebrate the end of their college careers with friends.

One trip in particular, organized and planned by senior Richie Sullivan, was to Nassau, Bahamas. Approximately 75 students from Merrimack travelled to Nassau and stayed at Club Breezes Resort, along with a few other schools like Fordham University and University of Rhode Island. The resort was situated right on the beach with an outdoor pool, food, and bars.

“We had to do our job and represent the blue and gold the right way and we did that. No one had a clue what or where Merrimack was, but we changed that,” according to Richie Sullivan. “We stayed at Breezes and it had a great atmosphere. Food, drinks, and great staff. If future spring breakers want to continue the legacy we left, I highly suggest Bahamas to everyone. Brewins, Bad Boys!”

“I went to Nassau, Bahamas, it was a blast! My favorite part was Club Hurricane, which was located right on the resort. We were able to request our favorite songs and dance the night away,” said senior Reba Barrows.

A small group of students from Merrimack also travelled away for spring break and went to Cancun, Mexico.

“Too many highlights of that trip. The day parties on the resort were unreal with DJs performing and the clubs were unreal, also. Meeting people from all over the world was cool, too,” said Augusto Silva, who stayed in Mexico over break.