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Sports Help People In Tragic Times

Mathew Galvao ‘17

Associate Editor-in-Chief

After the tragic events that went on in Paris just one week ago it’s gained an extreme amount of support all over the world through many different outlets. Whether it’s social media, or support through candlelight vigils the Paris attacks have been in people’s hearts and minds.

With all the outlets that people have been able to show their support for France, sports have been a big way for the masses to pay their respects. This past week you have probably seen many of your favorite teams pay tribute to the people of France. The Boston Bruins played a game the day after the events and played the French National Anthem while displaying the colors of the French colors on the ice during the anthem.

NFL teams all over also observed a moment of silence while displaying the French colors on the field as well. The growing support was so large that here on campus we observed moments of silence for all of the victims before many of the games this weekend. The men’s hockey team paid tribute by playing the French national anthem before their game on Saturday.

Sports has a unique way of grasping people as a whole and getting a tremendous amount of support because many people throughout the world consume sports and it’s a way to come together as one. Because so many people have a following of sports it’s a great way to unite and help support people in need. Having these large crowds at games like we have seen in the past week have given people this sense of relief that people all over the world do care and that is what has made sports such a fascinating way for people to come together and support each other.

We seem to have a strong comfort through sports. It’s always great to see the world come together through games that we all love. There is really nothing like it and it’s amazing to see the world come together like this.

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