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Sparky's Secrets


Karamarie Joyce ’15, Editor-in-Chief                                                            

A big difference between navigating your home kitchen to your school cafeteria is knowing how to make use of what is available to you. At home if you don’t like what Mom cooked for dinner, you know your kitchen well enough that you are able to find different ingredients to make something more desirable to your taste.

The same goes for Sparky’s Place, here is a list of tasteful treats that can easily be made right here at school:

English Muffin Pizza
Toast an English Muffin (or bagel)                                                                                                     Add tomato sauce from the pasta bar                                                                                         Sprinkle shredded cheese on the English Muffin from the salad bar
Place the pizzas on the grille, but you must hold the top up!

Grab a quesadilla shell from the sandwich bar
Add shredded cheese from the salad bar
Add whatever you want for toppings
Toast in the grille

Reese’s Shake
Half cup chocolate/vanilla soft serve ice cream
Spoon full of peanut butter
Fill the rest of the cup with chocolate milk
Stir to perfection

Ice Cream Floats 
Fill plastic cup halfway with vanilla soft serve
Pour Root Beer over the top.
Try with vanilla and Fanta as well as Coke and chocolate Cream Floats

Ice Cream Sandwich
First heat up two cookies on a plate in the microwave – located next to the toaster
Then add a scoop of your favorite ice cream in between

BBQ Chicken Melt
Collect two pieces of bread from the sandwich line
Followed by two pieces of chicken from the grill
Chop up the chicken into small bite size pieces
Spread the chopped chicken along the bread
Add cheese from the condiment
Spread BBQ sauce among the contents on the sandwich
Place under the panini press until cheese has melted

Cheesy Fries
Collect a scoop full of fries from the grill section
In the salad line take three scoops of the shredded cheese
Spread over the fries, microwave for 45 seconds until melted

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Prepare a salad of your choice
Collect a piece of chicken from the grill
Chop up the chicken and mix in a separate bowl with hot sauce (located at condiment station)
Pour contents into salad using second bowl to shake the flavor together

Chicken Parmesan
One piece of grilled chicken
Cover in pasta sauce
Sprinkle shredded cheese
Let heat under the panini machine until melted

Pasta Primavera
Grab a plate of plain pasta (any noodle will do)
Add parmesan cheese, broccoli, carrots, salt, pepper, and olive oil

Create your own soup
Fill a bowl halfway with pre-prepared soup
Walk to the salad bar and add in beans and vegetables
Add rice or  pasta – available most nights by pasta station
Microwave until hot

Breakfast Parfait
(located in the salad bar during breakfast hours)
Combine plain yogurt with sliced fruit, cereal, and honey
Use a transparent glass and layer the ingredients for the most impressive effect

Fiesta Salad
(On the cafeteria’s taco night)
Fill a bowl with iceberg lettuce
Make a fiesta salad by adding beans, salsa, and sour cream
Crumple two taco shells in the salad

Layer beans and cheese on the bottom of a bowl
Microwave until melted
Dip in potato chips, toasted pita bread, or tortilla chips

Classic PB&J
Bread, peanut butter and jelly are all avaible to you by the toasters

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