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SGA Hosts Fall ‘Pizza with the President’

Nicole Fasciano ‘22

Staff Writer 

On Tuesday October 22, the Merrimack Student Government Association hosted the Pizza with the President event. This event occurs once every semester, or about two times during the academic school year. It allows for students and organizations on campus to join President Hopey and SGA for an evening of conversations, questions, and best of all, free pizza.

I was able to sit in on the conversation with many members of our community, and get beneficial insight as to what goes on behind the scenes, what people appreciate about our school, and what people would like to see in the future for our college. 

To start off the evening, President Hopey addressed the room by saying, “We will take any questions that you may have, and will answer to the best of his abilities.” 

Near the beginning of the event, one student asked, “What are the plans in regards to building a new dining option here on campus?” President Hopey’s responded by stating that there would be a new student center located in the basement of Austin Hall starting in the fall of 2020. This new area will include a new 6-lane bowling alley, a golf simulator, and a new restaurant. Hopey suggested, with further input from the audience, that the type of food served in the new restaurant could be similar to a Panda Express.President Hopeys’ wish for this new space is that it will be a new and exciting space for students to spend their time, especially as a late night, potentially until 3:00am, and weekend option.

“In addition to the new nursing building and program, In the near future, do you think we are going to offer any new educational schools, and or majors?,” another student asked President Hopey. In return, President Hopey said that there would be a few new programs and new campus engagements to look out for. He indicated that our campus could potentially be seeing our very first marching band come next fall in addition to a Bioengineering major and Hospitality and Management major. 

When asked about adding a blue light system across the street at Royal Crest, President Hopey explained that the process for adding one has been a conflicting and challenging situation due to compliance and restrictions set by the owners of the facility. Nevertheless, he said that there is potential for more lighting and a probability of increasing security guards within the premise of the apartments.  

Overall, students found Pizza with the President a pleasurable and  informational experience. President Hopey was very open to the proposal of new ideas and everyone in the room had a great time socializing and hearing the many questions and responses. If you are interested in learning more about the inner workings of Merrimack and you missed this semester’s event, students can get involved in Student Government Association and should be on the lookout for future Pizza with the President events.