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September Police Log

Geena Levine ‘21

Photo Editor 

09/01: Officer addressed several students on the basketball court not wearing masks. All students were compliant and put their masks on. Cear without issues 

09/02: Caller reports there is a lot of broken glass around a building at Royal Crest that they believe was from Merrimack students throwing glass off a balcony. NAPD was notified and they will be meeting MCPD over there. All students were documented and Residence Life was advised. 

09/03: Neighbor called in a complaint that the past two nights DoorDash has entered her driveway late at night attempting to deliver food to students. They ring her doorbell and she is extremely frustrated. 

09/04: Student called reporting a suspicious odor in a residential area. MCPD responded, call unfound. 

09/05: Received a call from the father of a resident student who reported his daughter hit her head in her room last night and is now not feeling well. He will be coming to campus to take her to a walk in, but he is an hour away and would like someone to check on her. Officer made contact, the student is fine and will be calling her dad. 

09/11: Ash RA requests to speak with an officer about an angry student.

09/12: Student advising of someone playing a trumpet in the freshman quad.

09/14: MCPD responded with NAFD for a fire alarm. Fire alarm was caused by a hair straightener.

09/15: MCPD got report of an individual running while punching the air. Officer checked the area. Party was GOA. 

09/17: Female commuter student arrested on warrant. Transported to Andover PD.

09/18: Subject advised students were running through the Sak knocking over items. 

09/18: Officer out with two males in their underwear on Walsh Way.

09/19: Subject called to advise hockey took a fall on the ice and can’t get up.

09/23: Resident of SRV called MCPD to report that a student who moved into quarantine today had left quarantine and went to go play basketball. AC was contacted. 

09/27: A resident for Foxhill Road called to report the security vehicles orange lights are becoming a nuisance. Officers were advised to have the students turn them off. 

09/29: Officer assisted with a complaint that too many students were going into Dunks without proper PPE.