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September Police Log Highlights

Alex Conte

Gabby Heroux


  • Subject reported to an officer that he side-swiped a car in the library lot. Report filed. 
  • An athletic trainer at the MAC called to report a student named who was having difficulty breathing. NAFD transported to LGH.
  • A mother of a student called to report her son having stomach pain. NAFD transported to LGH.
  • Fire alarm at House 3. Officers and Andover fire advised. Alarm was accidental.


  • At 3:26AM, trouble alarm Deegan East 3rd floor lounge smoke detector. Officer found a leak in the lounge ceiling. (The log also noted that it was activated again at 4:32AM for the same smoke as earlier.)
  • Received a call from an employee who reports that she just accidentally hit another vehicle. Report filed.
  • Fire alarm rang for North Res House 6, first floor. Alarm was accidental. 
  • RA called to report someone tossed an item through a dorm window 
  • RA asked that officers assist with breaking up the large crowd in the apartment quad.
  • Officer advised that a port o potty in Rogers Center lot was tipped over

9/3:    4 Alcohol confiscations


  • Officers responded to a report of a student that set a flag on fire at the apartments. 
  • Noise complaint in Royal Crest.
  • An officer spoke with an individual who drove onto campus without stopping at the gate
  • 2 individuals tried to enter an apartment but were not able to due to the door being locked.


  • Porta-potty tipped over and vandalized
  • Two noise complaints


  • Loud party in royal crest. MCPD spoke with the residents.
  • Student called MCPD to report that they hit a curb and popped their tire.


  • Fire alarm at Volpe. Cause of the alarm was accidental
  • Old section of the MAC is without power. National Grid called.
  • RA reported someone actively smoking in marijuana in Royal Crest.
  • A student came in to report that they were almost hit by a car while crossing from Royal Crest.
  • Vehicle damaged in Lot K. Spoke with an officer.


  • Student came in to report possible fraud.
  • Argumentative mother of a child who is above 12 and not vaccinated. Officer responded and took care of the issue.


  • Dispersed a large crowd at the apartments


  • Unregistered parties dispersed. Students being uncooperative.
  • Officers addressed a large crowd at SRV. Crowd dispersed.
  • Noise complaint at Royal. Students addressed and documented 
  • NAPD assistance with party starting to form in Royal Crest
  • Possible physical altercation in Royal Crest
  • Someone egged the rearview mirror on Car 6.


  • Fire alarm activation in South Res. NAFD and MCPD responded. Unknown cause.
  • Disbursement of students at the senior apartments. Quad cleared.
  • Camera was ripped from the wall in the L-tower.
  • Outside room door vandalized
  • Noise complaints in Royal Crest
  • Complaint about uptick of activity in the area. Left without incident.


  • Altercation with roommates. Resolution was made.
  • Student found Marijuana in the common room of her apartment.


  • Driver hit the curb by 114 and has a flat tire.


  • 911 hangup somewhere on campus.


  • Fire alarm for the apartments. Malicious pull. AFD called MCPD and is in route.
  • Students fighting. Officers found both individuals, no issues. 
  • Officers saw a student get into a trunk in lot K.
  • Neighbor called to report that two vehicles drove onto his lawn and then proceeded to Monican gate where they lifted it by hand and drove on campus. Officers will be investigating. 
  • Small leak in liquid nitrogen tank. MCPD and NAFD responded, cleared the building and fixed the issue. 


  • Three unregistered guests urinating in public by O Brien. Party was trespassed.
  • Rave alert that there is a trespasser in the dorm room. Trespassed non-student.
  • Rave alert of large party in west wing in Monican first floor, Officers responded, spoke with students
  • Royal Crest resident advising of a loud party on the 3rd floor. MCPD and NAPD responded, students were addressed
  • Officer advises the light tower in Lot G has been vandalized
  • Caller advised of a large party in South Res building 5. MCPD responded, addressed the issue
  • NAPD called regarding a medical call in Crowe. Student transported to LGH.
  • Unregistered guests galore


  • Neighbor called advising of a white raised pickup truck circling the neighborhood. Attempted to find the vehicle in question, negative finding.
  • A fire alarm rang in to MCPD for House 3. All responded, accidental steam from a shower.
  • A fire alarm rang in MCPD for the mendel center first floor. Accidental, dust from vacuuming. 


  • Student security called reporting a female keeps bringing trash to the guard booth. She refused to identify herself and became confrontational. An officer responded.


  • Officers performed a jumpstart on a student’s vehicle
  • Officers and Andover Fire responded to a fire alarm at South Res. The alarm was faulty and will be replaced.


  • Alcohol was confiscated from two minor students
  • Officers dispersed a large crowd outside in the apartments quad
  • E-cigarette confiscated from student for using it inside Augie’s Pub
  • Freshman resident student was stopped again by Officer for trying to go to the apartments
  • Officers dispersed a large crowd outside in the apartment quad. 


  • Caller reports male student with bloody face in dorm room. Yelling about getting into a fight with 4 others. Student is refusing medical and is being uncooperative
  • NAPD advised of fight with students outside of building at Royal Crest. MCPD responded. NAPD handled the outside incident nothing showing additionally
  • Former student and non-student tried sneaking in through people’s trunks on separate incidents. 
  • Stolen property
  • Fire alarm art House 1. Cause unknown. 


  • Possible breaking and entering 
  • Crowd dispersed at the apartments
  • Malicious fire alarm pulled in Deegan East. Investigation to follow. 
  • Fire alarm in St. Ann’s was a mechanical issue.


  • A student came to the police station to report possible theft and property damage.


  • Officer requested a tow for a vehicle with multiple prior citations in Lot A
  • Commuter student came in to report they bumped another car yesterday while backing out of a space.
  • A parent called MCPD because she believes their daughter’s car was damaged while parked in Lot H.
  • A student called MCPD because their friend, also a student, was attacked by a raccoon at Royal Crest. Student was taken to the hospital by the friend.


  • Commuter student came to campus police. She believes damage was done to her vehicle while it was parked in Lot H.
  • Caller advised of a loud party at a unit in Royal Crest. MCPD and NAPD responded. Spoke with all students.