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September Horoscopes

Aries: Chances are you spent your time in quarantine brainstorming some sort of creative idea – it is time to make it a reality! There is no better time than now to make your dreams come true.

Taurus: Freshman: Please be kind to your RA, remember they have feelings, too. 

Gemini: If you’re going to be two-faced, just make sure both of those faces are wearing a mask. 

Cancer:  Feeling overwhelmed? It is okay to say “no” sometimes, especially when you know you can’t put another task on your plate.

Leo: If you have been meaning to try something new, get something done, or finish something you never completed, now is the time. No matter what the task may be… get it done! You will be surprised with how rewarding the outcome may be.

Virgo:  Happy ~covid~ birthday. Don’t worry, you can still make the best of it! PS: sorry if you are turning 21 during a pandemic, there’s always next year.

Libra: Your birthday this year will definitely be…different. Even though the world may feel like it’s ending, try to find balance with your outlook on life. There is always plenty of good with the bad.

Aquarius:  Spend the rest of September focusing on yourself, and not others. Social distancing doesn’t mean being distant from your own needs and desires.

Scorpio: We’re a few weeks into the semester and things are not off to a good start with your roommate. Try to remember that you’re sharing the space, it’s not just yours to control as you see fit. Be more patient and more tolerant of the differences between you and your new “friend.” Maybe the status will someday change from “friend” to friend.

Sagitarius: All signs point to you staying home and continually clicking “Yes, I am still watching” on Netflix. There is no better time to stay home, so get cozy and do it.

Capricorn: Stop focusing on the huge picture, and focus on the little things – good coffee, good music, and good people.

Pisces: Be bold. Put yourself out there. You never know what could happen… other people are still finding love in the middle of a pandemic!